Helen’s Challah-Day Bake

Helen’s Challah-Day Bake

This Friday, December 22nd, Helen will be baking.

This is your chance to get on her list!

Here’s how it works:
Here’s how it works:
1. You peruse these delicious holiday selections (listed below) and add whatever piques your interest to your cart.
2. During checkout, select the location that you would like to pickup your order. Your options are The Goodness Coffeehouse (downtown Willmar), or The Back 40 Farm (south of Willmar).

3. Pickup your order at your selected location from 5-7pm on Friday, December 22nd.

Then go and spread the Challah-Day Cheer to your friends and family!

If you are a member of The Weekly Loaf, click here to go to The Bake Shoppe, where you will have the same selection of tasty treats, but at your special members-only discounted pricing!

Part of The Weekly Loaf?

Go to The Bake Shoppe, where you will have the same selection of tasty treats, but at a special members-only discounted price!

Happy Challah-Days, Everybody!

Not a member of The Weekly Loaf, but interested in learning more?

Click the button to learn more about our weekly bread subscription. Sign up before you order and get 20% off today’s Challah-Day Treats!

Have you heard the rumors?

There’s been talk about a special bake day on the holiday horizon, where bread and pastries would be available without having to placing a special order.

Well, without further ado, those rumors are true! The day is here! We’re trying to spread some Challah-Day Cheer!
(That’s both a terrible poem and a terrible pun, we realize, but the point needed to get across!)

Welcome to your limited-time-only opportunity to get some tasty breads and pastries before Christmas and all of its festivities arrive!

Typically we only sell our bread by special order (which has a minimum of 8 loaves per order), or through our subscription service, The Weekly Loaf. However, this week we’re spreading the aforementioned Challah-Day Cheer by making it available to anyone and everyone in as small a quantity as desired!

Not to mention that all The Weekly Loaf subscribers get a 20% discount during this promotion!