The Butcher Shop

Welcome to the protein-y portion of the farm!

Even though we sure love our carbs, we do like to occasionally balance them out with some high-quality, fine-tasting, muscle-building meat.

Please take a look at the following pages to get an idea of what is available to you through the Butcher Shop!


Meat Our Cows

(That’s a pun)

Our Black Angus were born and raised and lived the entirety of their lives here on the Back 40.  Other than when they would take the occasional stroll through our neighbor’s fields, we’ve been with them every step of the way.

We know what went into them, and, just as importantly, what didn’t. These animals are pasture-raised, grass-fed, antibiotic free, GMO free, gluten free (because why not), and have no added hormones.

To put it another way, these animals have been on a Daniel Fast since the day of their birth.  And they’ve loved every second of it.

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We recently discovered that due to increased demand for premium, grass-fed beef, many large-scale corporations have adopted practices that technically allow them to put the label of “grass-fed” on their beef without maintaining any of the other standards typically associated with it.

Substituting manufactured grass pellets for actual grass, still keeping their cattle cooped up in inhumane living conditions, or only feeding them grass the last 6 months of their existence (refered to as “grass-finished”), the cattle can receive the label of “grass-fed” without ever seeing a pasture.

Here at The Back 40, our steers are grass-fed and pastured year-round: placed on a high-intensity rotational grazing program in the summer, and then free-ranged and fed hay in the winter, these beloved bovines are kept on a steady diet of sunshine, grass, and wide open spaces.

Reserve your share now!

Ground beef comes in 1 pound packages, roasts average 2.5-3 pounds each, and steaks come 2 per package.

In the rare event that a cut of beef is unavailable, substitutions will be made in equal or greater value.

Processing fees are not included. Those will be payed directly to the processing shop when you pick up your beef.

All of the processing shops we use are MN state inspected.

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We farm.

You feast.

Everybody wins.