Minnesota Wood-Fired
Pizza Catering

Only the freshest ingredients go into our pizza. Using the traditional Italian wood-fired method, our pizzas go in fresh and come out perfect just minutes later.
We are available to cater events on weekdays/nights in and around the Willmar or Alexandria, Minnesota area.

Grass-Fed Beef

The Back 40 farm raises 100% grass-fed beef for purchase. Our cattle are rotationally grazed and live a very happy and healthy unconfined life where they are free to roam. Our pastures are free from chemicals and our animals never receive antibiotics or hormones.

Mo'edim (Feasts)

The Back 40 Family Farm hosts a variety of events throughout the year centered around the Biblical feasts.

There’s a place for You… at the table with Us!

The main purpose of everything we do is to build relationship and community.

A Bit About Us

How Al and Helen met, how they ended up here on the farm, and why some of these goodies are so significant to us.


The Arends Family

How we got here is quite the tale to be told. Legend has it that in his youth, Farmer Al frequently traveled to exotic, far-off lands. On one such daring expedition, he found himself the woman of his dreams, brought her back home with him, and the rest—as they say—is history.

25 years (and many adventures) later, here we all are — living life and truly loving it. (Most of the time.)

wood-fired brick oven pizza

Great Pizza

Since the spring of 2018, we’ve been bringing delicious, Neopolitan-style wood-fired pizzas to the fine people of Willmar, MN (and surrounding areas). Though our first love was setting up outside breweries and at large public gatherings, Covid has thrown a wrench in that romance.

Now booking for weddings, graduations, and other smaller, private gatherings in West Central Minnesota.

Great Beef

Coffee Bean

100% Pastured

Coffee Bean

Rotational Grazed

Coffee Bean

Chemical & Drug Free

If you’re looking clean Minnesota beef, look no further. The Back 40 MN farm raises cattle using healthy and sustainable practices for both the animals and the consumers. Allowing the cattle to roam free on selective plots of fresh grass gives them the ideal diet, meaning no need for harmful antibiotics or hormones.

Sukkot 2021
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