Passover 2024 Worship

Tentative Schedule & Set List


Last Updated on March 19, 2024
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Sunday, March 24

3:00PM – 6:00PM (Rehearsal at Zach Lien’s House in Prior Lake)


Monday, March 25

1:30/2:00PM (sound check and quick Rehearsal in the barn)

3:30PM (Quiet Time of Prayer/Prep)

4:30PM (Doors Open)

5:00PM (Al & Helen welcomes everyone)

  1. Sh’ma (C)

5:30PM (“Removing the Leaven” with Al)

  1. Play Remembrance Bridge lightly in background while Al speaks
  2. Remembrance (Ab) – capo on 1, play in G
  3. The Lord’s Prayer (G).. may get bumped to after meal
  4. Dayenu (Ab) – capo on 1, play in G

6:15/6:30 Feast Meal is served

8:00 Worship

  1. You Are Our God (E) – capo on 4, play in C
  2. Egypt (C) – capo on 5, play in G
  3. Song of Moses (F) – capo on 5, play in C
  4. The Blessing (C)
  5. As For Me – (G)


Optional extra songs if people want to continue worshiping:

  1. God is in This House (Bb) – capo on 3, play in G
  2. The Lord is Gracious (Ab) – capo on 1, play in G
  3. Oh God (Ab) – capo on 1, play in G